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Glam Doll

Here you’ll find our classic donut selection!

Store hours:

Every Day of the Week Temporarily Closed through Dec 18th 2020

Pre-order Your Favs!

  1. Find the donuts you want from the Northeast menu.
  2. Toggle or type the quantity of any donut you want in your box.
  3. Go to your box to complete the checkout process.

We require a $15 minimum for all online pre-orders.

For every dozen of donuts you order you’ll get an additional $2 off your order! 6 donuts minimum, 144 donuts maximum per online pre-order. Want a larger order? Give us a call.

We need 1 day to process online pre-orders. Need them sooner? Again, please give us a call.

Donut Fun Fact: Flour is quite literally the glue that holds these babies together. Due to it's infiltrating nature, we do not offer gluten free donuts. Thank you for understanding!




The messier, the better! The Bellybomb is going to put stars in your eyes from all that savory, stretchy cheese. Take a look for yourself.

Perfect for

Special Events

We can make unique donuts for any event. No joke. What do ya have in mind? Weddings, concerts, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, the apocalypse, whatever. If there’s something shakin’, we’ll get bakin’.

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