Glam Doll Donuts is more than your favorite donut shop – it’s your happy place, where every donut is a tasty work of art! We work around the clock to prepare our doughs, fillings and icings from scratch and we love to create uniquely adventurous flavor pairings to delight donut lovers. We’re driven by a shared passion for community and a never-ending love affair with food… plus a few of our favorite things.

The Original

Eat Street
Glam Doll

The story started on Eat Street. This gem of an establishment opened its doors in 2013 to a swarm of eager curiosity. This is the Dolls’ first fantasyland featuring a photobooth, a loungy patio, and a rotating collection of artwork from area artists. Oh, and let’s not forget about the award-winning donuts, which are served up fresh each day.

Store hours:

Monday - Thursday 7am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday 7am - 1am
Sunday 7am - 3pm

The Fresh

Glam Doll

The Dolls are spreading the love to the hungry Northeast Minneapolis. GD-NE features expanded menu offerings (including beer and donut pairings!), rotating art gallery, urban-glam patio, massive pink couch, and all the flavor & flair you’ve come to expect.

Store hours:

Monday–Thursday 7am–9pm
Friday–Saturday 7am–10pm
Sunday 7am–3pm

Meet the

Glam Dolls

Teresa Fox is the dreamer; ambitious to keep Glam Doll ever pursuing fabulousness. She never hesitates to bring unexpected flavors to the table, often paired with a side of sass.

Arwyn Birch is the artist; queen of the details. Pulling from her extensive creative background, she uses her finely tuned eye to bring life to the quirkiness that defines Glam Doll.

With their complementary skills and the foundation of a handful of Grandma Fox’s timeless family recipes, these glamorous donut makers are sweetening things up around the Twin Cities.

Perfect for

Special Events

We can make unique donuts for any event. No joke. What do ya have in mind? Weddings, concerts, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, the apocalypse, whatever. If there’s something shakin’, we’ll get bakin’.

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