Eat 'em up

We can make unique donuts for any event. No joke. What do ya have in mind? Weddings, concerts, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, the apocalypse, whatever. If there’s something shakin’, we’ll get bakin’.

Our Dreamy

Wedding Donuts

If you’re looking to put that extra bit of glam in your big day, give us a holla’!

We Cater

Large Events!

Bring some magic to that upcoming bash and become an instant fav.

Have another idea?

If you have an event that you’d like catering for, or want a large specialty batch of sweet treats made, please send us some info through our fancy donut request form.

Note that we do not make custom one-off donuts. These specialty donuts take a great deal of time and love to make so we cannot take requests for orders under two dozen. Thanks for understanding!